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Can I Pay Off My Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Plan Early

Can I Pay Off My Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Plan Early

Most people enter into bankruptcy because they are experiencing financial hardship. However, though a person can be struggling at the time they file, this does not mean it isn’t possible for their financial situation to greatly improve while they are still paying off their Chapter 13 bankruptcy plan.  If you do find yourself having more … Read More

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Can Bankruptcy Help Me With My Tax Debt?

If you’re thinking of filing for bankruptcy and you live in Indiana, you may be wondering whether it could eliminate your tax debt. Hoosiers can sometimes get their tax debt discharged during an Indiana bankruptcy. However, you may have received conflicting advice about whether or not it’s possible to make this happen. So let’s settle … Read More

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[Video] What is Life Like After Filing for a Chapter 7 or 13 Bankruptcy?

  Before you file for Chapter 7 or 13 bankruptcy, you may begin to wonder what your life will be like after your bankruptcy plan takes effect. What’s your financial outlook? Will you have enough money to cover your basic living expenses? How will the bankruptcy affect your credit score? Will you ever be able … Read More

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[Video] Do I Have to Repay All My Debts If I File For Chapter 13 Bankruptcy?

  Each year, about 30 to 38 percent of all bankruptcy filings are for Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Chapter 13 provides welcome relief to people who are overwhelmed with debt and need help satisfying their creditors. If you’re in this situation, you’re probably wondering whether you’ll have to repay all your debts. It’s time to contact … Read More

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[Video] Can Bankruptcy Bring Debt Relief If My Car Payments Are Behind?

 When you can’t afford to make your car payment and get months behind, it’s a tough situation. The car financing company may threaten to repossess your car or send a collection agency after you. You might wonder if you’ll wake up one day and find your car missing from the driveway. Don’t panic. You … Read More

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Why Is My Bankruptcy Case Different From My Friend’s and Family’s Cases?

 Bankruptcy attorneys often get questions from their clients like, “Why is my bankruptcy so different from my friend’s?” The question tends to arise when it seems that a bankruptcy isn’t going the same route as a friend or family member’s bankruptcy. Maybe it’s taking longer to resolve or it feels that your debts are … Read More

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Can Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Help With An IRS Tax Levy?

 You’re facing one of the most feared situations any taxpayer can face: a tax levy. The IRS has far-reaching powers to enforce a tax levy, including seizing your assets and property. If you receive notification of a tax levy, delaying your response can add to the penalties you owe and may cause the IRS … Read More

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How Does Bankruptcy Help with Vehicle Repossessions?

 Will I Ever Get My Car Back If It’s Repossessed? Has your vehicle been repossessed? Before you panic, take a deep breath – and know your rights. The United States is currently experiencing the highest rate of automobile loan defaults this century – and that includes the rate of defaults during the recent financial … Read More

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Can You File for Bankruptcy More Than Once?

About 800,000 people file for bankruptcy each year. Only a fraction of them are filing for a second or third time. After completing one bankruptcy successfully, most people are able to get back on their feet and establish a stable financial foundation. However, changing circumstances in your life may prompt you to consider an additional … Read More

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Can Parents Be Held Responsible for Children’s Student Loans?

More than $1.5 trillion in student loan debt is currently owed in the U.S. by a total of more than 44 million people. Unfortunately, many of those people are unable to pay back their debt, and the student loan companies have no choice but to come after the co-signers on the loans: parents. Just as … Read More

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