How Can I Eliminate Tax Debts In Bankruptcy?

One of the things that people hear about bankruptcy is that it usually doesn’t discharge some debts owed to the government, like taxes. Even if you have a large burden of tax debt that is making it extremely difficult to reconcile your finances, bankruptcy can’t always help. However, here is some good news: You actually [...]

Can Bankruptcy Help Me With My Tax Debt?

If you’re thinking of filing for bankruptcy and you live in Indiana, you may be wondering whether it could eliminate your tax debt. Hoosiers can sometimes get their tax debt discharged during an Indiana bankruptcy. However, you may have received conflicting advice about whether or not it’s possible to make this happen. So let’s settle [...]

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[Video] Should I Wait for My Tax Refund Before Filing for Bankruptcy?

 Around tax time, bankruptcy attorneys often receive questions about tax refunds and filing for bankruptcy. You may be wondering whether it’s a good idea to wait for a refund to arrive before you file, or whether it’s better to do it as soon as possible. You probably also have questions about whether you’ll be [...]

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