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Student Loan Default: Rehabilitation or Consolidation

Student Loan Default: Rehabilitation or Consolidation

Student loan default can impact millions of Americans. Unfortunately, defaulting on a student loan can hurt your finances, credit, and other aspects of your life. If you fall behind on student loan payments, your loan won’t default immediately. Instead, you’ll default if you fail to make full payment for 270 days, just under nine months.  … Read More

How Long Will it Take to Rehabilitate a Student Loan?

How Long Will it Take to Rehabilitate a Student Loan?

Student loan debt is a serious problem in the United States, and it’s an issue that impacts millions of Americans. As of January 2022, around 45 million people have student loan debt, which is 13.5% of the US population.  In August 2022, the Biden-Harris Administration initiated a $10,000/$20,000 debt relief program for those with federal … Read More

Can I Discharge a Private Student Loan in Bankruptcy?

Can I Discharge a Private Student Loan in Bankruptcy?

The majority of people in Indiana who have thought about declaring bankruptcy likely already know how challenging it is to get student loans erased. Although it is not impossible, debtors normally need to pass the Brunner test, which establishes that repaying the student loans will put them in an unreasonably difficult position. Unfortunately, it is … Read More

bankruptcy reform

Bankruptcy Reform Bill and Student Loans

Student loan debt is one of the heaviest burdens on today’s society. Those in their 30’s and 40’s who would typically have bought homes and new cars and even started families at this point are years behind previous generations in those areas. Instead, they are buried under crippling debt, unable even to fathom the possibility … Read More

can chapter 13 bankruptcy solve student loans

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy and Student Loans

Student loan debt can be crippling. Trying to put money towards a house or a car, as well as paying all of your other bills on top of student loan debt, is often exhausting and can sometimes feel impossible. In America alone, the average student loan debt in 2021 comes to around $1.7 trillion. It’s … Read More

chapter 13 bankruptcy basics

What Debts Will Remain After A Chapter 13 Discharge?

Chapter 13 bankruptcy can wipe out most kinds of debts and leave you with a much brighter financial picture. But Chapter 13 can’t discharge all types of debt you’ve taken on. Some debts will remain after your bankruptcy, although you’ll be in a much better position to handle them. Here’s a closer look at how … Read More

Student Loan Bankruptcy VIce

Is There Any Way to Discharge Student Loan Debt Through Bankruptcy?

  If you do a little searching online, you’ll immediately see a loud-and-clear message about student loans and bankruptcy: Student loans are not dischargeable in bankruptcy. This isn’t the whole story. It’s not impossible to wipe out student loans by declaring bankruptcy. With the help of a qualified bankruptcy lawyer, together you can explore a … Read More

loan debt

Can Parents Be Held Responsible for Children’s Student Loans?

More than $1.5 trillion in student loan debt is currently owed in the U.S. by a total of more than 44 million people. Unfortunately, many of those people are unable to pay back their debt, and the student loan companies have no choice but to come after the co-signers on the loans: parents. Just as … Read More

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