Filing Bankruptcy in Indiana

/Filing Bankruptcy in Indiana

Bankruptcy Court Is Closed – But Creditor Meetings Are Still Proceeding Via Teleconferencing Transcript Hello, this is Richard Shea with Sawin & Shea. As people are aware, due to COVID-19, the bankruptcy court has shut down all in-person hearings. With those changes, a meeting of creditors for active bankruptcy cases are still taking place and are going to be taking place for the foreseeable future. But [...]

Can I File for Bankruptcy More Than Once?

Close to half a million Americans file for bankruptcy each year and about 8% of them are pursuing bankruptcy for the second time. In fact, about 16% of all bankruptcy cases involve people who have filed more than once. Filing for bankruptcy a second time is allowed, with some important limitations. So if you’re curious [...]

What are the Truths and the Myths of Bankruptcy?

Almost 500,000 Americans file for bankruptcy every year and 95.5% of bankruptcies are discharged, meaning the person is no longer legally required to pay back most of their debts. Despite how common and effective bankruptcy is, there are still some persistent myths about bankruptcy that are hard to dispel. Let’s take a look at the [...]

Can Bankruptcy Help If I’m a Victim of a Scam?

In today’s world, the public is inundated with scams, a form of fraud that takes advantage of someone’s kind heart and eventually leads to their financial destruction. Scammers will contact people by phone, by email, through social media, online and any other way they can, sometimes impersonating trusted financial sources to trick you into revealing [...]

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What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Filing for Bankruptcy Under Chapter 13?

Do you know Indiana is among the nation’s top states for personal bankruptcy filings? That means if you’re living in the Hoosier state and feeling overloaded with bills every month, you’re definitely not alone. Thousands of people file for bankruptcy every year and about 32% are Chapter 13 bankruptcies. However, Chapter 13 may or may [...]

How Do I File For Bankruptcy in Indiana?

When you’re facing a mountain of debt and an inability to pay your monthly bills, bankruptcy offers a way out. It quiets most people who are hounding you for money and finally gives you a fresh financial start. It’s important to handle bankruptcy the right way. If you’re considering filing for bankruptcy in Indiana, read [...]

If I File For Bankruptcy, What Happens To My Credit Rating?

At Sawin & Shea, our clients are often concerned about having low credit scores. They wonder if bankruptcy will make the situation worse. On the contrary, bankruptcy can actually improve your credit and get you back on your feet financially. Here’s how an Indiana bankruptcy can help re-establish your credit. Will Bankruptcy Ruin My Credit [...]

What Are The Top Reasons For Bankruptcy Filings?

Bankruptcy isn’t something most people expect to deal with in their lives. However, about 770,000 people in the U.S. file for bankruptcy every year. The reasons range from unexpected problems from health issues to excessive spending, but the result is a huge pile of debt that’s almost impossible to surmount without the help of bankruptcy. [...]

[Video] Do I Really Need to File for Bankruptcy?

  Are you wondering if bankruptcy could be a good idea for you? Maybe you’re curious about whether it will be worth it and whether it will really improve your financial outlook. These are common concerns. Sometimes people hesitate before filing because they’re not sure about how a bankruptcy filing can help them. Doing nothing [...]

[Video] Can I File for Bankruptcy If I’m Involved in a Lawsuit?

  Has a creditor filed lawsuit against you? It’s a common misconception that a lawsuits or judgments are not discharged in bankruptcy. This isn’t the case. In fact, bankruptcy can be an effective way to deal with debt even when a judgment or pending action is looming against you. Look at filing for bankruptcy when [...]