Filing Bankruptcy in Indiana

/Filing Bankruptcy in Indiana

[Video] Can I File for Bankruptcy If I’m Involved in a Lawsuit?

  Has a creditor filed lawsuit against you? It’s a common misconception that a lawsuits or judgments are not discharged in bankruptcy. This isn’t the case. In fact, bankruptcy can be an effective way to deal with debt even when a judgment or pending action is looming against you. Look at filing for bankruptcy when [...]

When Is the Right Time to File for Bankruptcy?

Are you considering filing for bankruptcy? Timing can be very important. It is prudent to take a look at your activities over the last few months before actually filing a case. Some situations can decrease the benefits available to you from Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy. An experienced bankruptcy attorney can help you decide [...]

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Can Parents Be Held Responsible for Their Child’s Student Loans?

As of 2016, the total amount of loan debt for students and their parents is $1.35 trillion; an amount that sadly increases by $2,726 every second. The average debt young adults have after graduation is $29,000. With Federal student loans capped and college expenses continuously rising, a gap is left uncovered. Parents often step in [...]

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How Filing for Bankruptcy can save Your Wages and Even Your Job?

The Problem with Mounting Debts Mounting debts can be a problem in more ways than one. Wage Garnishment Creditor can Seek Legal Help - One option before the unpaid creditor is to garnish wages. Wage garnishment is the creditor exercising a legal option to seek claim to the wages of the debtor. Creditor gets Debtor's [...]

Declaring Bankruptcy with Student Loans

The costs of higher education and high unemployment rates are leading to an increase in the number of bankruptcy cases involving student loan debt. The National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys recently announced that more than four-fifths of bankruptcy lawyers have seen an increase in student loan cases. In 2010, federal and private student loan [...]

Andrew Sawin featured on WISHTV – Having Trouble Financing the Cost of Bankruptcy Fees?

If you have been thinking about filing bankruptcy, chances are pretty good that you are struggling under the weight of a significant amount of debt. Sometimes the cost of filing for bankruptcy and paying the associated lawyer fees can be completely overwhelming; in the cases where it is needed most, cost is often the factor [...]

Bankruptcy vs Foreclosure

It is stressful when you get behind on your mortgage. It certainly is more stressful if you have received legal papers for a foreclosure. There is help available. It is an important time to calmly, but quickly consider your options when faced with this dilemma. How bankruptcy can help Filing a bankruptcy creates an automatic [...]