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Stop the Debt & Bill Collectors and Get Your Privacy Back!

When banks have difficulty collecting payments from debtors, they often resort to acquiring the assistance of debt collection agencies to gather payments on the debts owed. For people who have unresolved debt, this can result in harassing collection calls, persistent contact through the mail, and, in some cases, violations of privacy and of the FDCPA [...]

Home & Mortgage Loan Modification and Bankruptcy

  Recently I have noticed clients coming into my office with a foreclosure sheriff’s sale pending on their residence. They have been in contact with their mortgage company, sometimes for months, working on a loan modification. I advise that they should not trust that the mortgage company will stop the sale of the home due [...]

Declaring Bankruptcy with Student Loans

The costs of higher education and high unemployment rates are leading to an increase in the number of bankruptcy cases involving student loan debt. The National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys recently announced that more than four-fifths of bankruptcy lawyers have seen an increase in student loan cases. In 2010, federal and private student loan [...]

Andrew Sawin featured on WISHTV – Having Trouble Financing the Cost of Bankruptcy Fees?

If you have been thinking about filing bankruptcy, chances are pretty good that you are struggling under the weight of a significant amount of debt. Sometimes the cost of filing for bankruptcy and paying the associated lawyer fees can be completely overwhelming; in the cases where it is needed most, cost is often the factor [...]

Bankruptcy vs Foreclosure

It is stressful when you get behind on your mortgage. It certainly is more stressful if you have received legal papers for a foreclosure. There is help available. It is an important time to calmly, but quickly consider your options when faced with this dilemma. How bankruptcy can help Filing a bankruptcy creates an automatic [...]

Rebuilding Credit After Bankruptcy

One of the most common questions we are asked in our bankruptcy practice is about how filing will affect credit. The truth is in the vast majority cases bankruptcy filing improves a person’s credit. The filing stops ongoing negative reporting for old delinquent debts and provides a starting point to help you start to re-establish [...]

I Never Thought I Would Need Bankruptcy

  Have you been thinking about Bankruptcy?  One of the last places that people want to be is sitting across from me while we discuss options for their financial future. Many times some common misconceptions or fear about the bankruptcy process increase this anxiety, or worse, keep them from coming in to explore their legal [...]