Bankruptcy Can Help You Deal with a Lawsuit

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Bankruptcy Can Help You Deal with a Lawsuit

Bankruptcy vs. Lawsuit

It can happen to anyone. A notice arrives in the mail or is delivered by a deputy sheriff. A creditor has initiated a lawsuit against you. You have been sued. The creditor initiating the lawsuit wants to take things from you by Court process. In Indiana a judicial garnishment can take up to 25 percent of your disposable wages. This can certainly derail you and your family financially. The good news is that we can do something about it. Time is, however, of the essence. The faster you act, the more time we will have to protect your assets and wages.

Judgement Creditor

If for whatever reason, you cannot pay a debt, a creditor can initiate a lawsuit. What the creditor wants is for the Court to issue a judgement against you. This judgement gives the creditor more powerful collection tools to use against you. In the state of Indiana, a judgement creditor can garnish wages, freeze bank accounts, place liens against real estate, and levy against (take) non-exempt personal property. The good news is that the attorneys of Sawin & Shea LLC can provide you with protection from these actions.

Automatic Stay Protection

Once a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy is filed in the Bankruptcy Court, powerful protection from all creditor collection efforts called the automatic stay comes into effect. You are under the Bankruptcy Court’s protection. This automatic stay stops creditor’s collection calls, letters, and actions including lawsuits and wage garnishments.

Chapter 7 or 13 Bankruptcy Stop Judgement Creditors

Filing a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy stops judgement creditor’s actions such as wage garnishment. It is not too late to file a bankruptcy once a garnishment has started. We can offer affordable ways for you to get the protection you need so that you can maintain rent or mortgage payments and transportation expenses like car payments.

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Do not let a lawsuit become a slippery slope to more significant financial problems. If a lawsuit is threatening to derail you financially, contact Sawin & Shea LLC. One of their experienced Indiana bankruptcy lawyers can provide information on how to affordably stop lawsuits and/or garnishments. Initial consultations with an attorney are free. We will gather facts of your case and help you better understand how bankruptcy can help provide relief and protection to you and your family.

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