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Will Everyone Know If I File for Bankruptcy?

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Will Everyone Know If I File for Bankruptcy?

If you are worried that people will know you’re filing for bankruptcy, let’s put your mind at ease. The widespread publishing of bankruptcy filings in local newspapers is a thing of the past.

In fact, look closely at any bankruptcy notices that do appear in your local newspaper. If anything appears at all they are usually just business bankruptcies. The average person’s personal bankruptcy isn’t listed there. If you do not tell people about it yourself, they are unlikely to know.

Who Will be Notified About My Bankruptcy?

The only people and organizations who are typically notified about bankruptcy are those to whom you owe money. So, if you don’t owe a person that you know money, they won’t know about your bankruptcy.

People who live in small towns sometimes worry that “everyone in town” will know their business. In truth, it is unlikely. Your case will be filed with a bankruptcy clerk who probably is not even located in your small town. The only people who typically know are you, your creditors, and your lawyer.

Will My Employer Find Out About My Bankruptcy?

Employers usually are not notified unless it is necessary to stop a wage garnishment or, in some cases, for a wage deduction in a Chapter 13. Unless you work in the financial sector in a trusted role involving money, you probably are not obligated to disclose it to an employer. There are also laws prohibiting employment discrimination against someone due to their bankruptcy status.

If Bankruptcies Are Public Record, Won’t People Know About Mine?

It is true that bankruptcies are part of the public record, but that does not mean someone is yelling them from the town square. To find your bankruptcy information, a person would have to know where to look, and how to access that information. It takes significant effort for the average person to locate this information.

Look at it this way: A parking ticket is also a matter of public record. But is anyone going to waste their time going to a clerk’s office just to look up your traffic tickets? Probably not.

Are Bankruptcy Records on Google?

Financial records involve your personal information, so they are mostly hidden from Google. Bankruptcies do not typically come up in Google searches unless they involve businesses that make big news.

When people Google you in the future, it is unlikely that they’ll see anything related to your bankruptcy. These records are maintained in databases that are separate from the internet, like a government database called PACER that allows your lawyer to access court records.

Here is the bottom line: Today’s bankruptcy process isn’t embarrassing. It is designed to help you make smart financial choices. Do not worry too much about what people will say, because they’ll probably never even know.

Sawin & Shea—Indianapolis Bankruptcy Attorneys

Filing for bankruptcy is not the end. It’s the beginning of a new financial life for you.

The Indiana bankruptcy attorneys at Sawin & Shea can help you get rid of overwhelming debt and advise you on life after bankruptcy. We are here for you during this life-changing process.

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