Beware of Email Scammers in this COVID-19 Environment

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Beware of Email Scammers in this COVID-19 Environment


Hello, this is Andrew Sawin from Sawin & Shea, talking a little bit to you today about the unprecedented situation we find ourselves in now with this COVID-19 virus. During these times, we’ve noticed an increase of activity from scammers. We want you to be wary that there are several things going on that you need to watch out for. There’s email scams, they’re on the increase, soliciting products that might not be legitimate. There’s also a lot of you that are now logging onto new accounts to do things like pick up groceries, and bank accounts, and different things where scammers are sending you emails that might look like they’re coming from those providers.

Be very careful. Don’t click on links and provide information from emails you get that look like they’re from those providers. Those are usually scam emails, and they’re trying to steal your information. As well, the government, regarding unemployment benefits or whatever you’ve recently signed up for, the government will never ask you to provide identifying information through emails. They’ll always request that you go directly to the site and log into your account,, and check things that way. So if you get an email saying something’s wrong with any account, log directly into the account from the website, so you can check on it that way. That’ll keep precious data out of people’s prying hands. There’s also an increase in advertisements promising to save people a space at medical facilities, in case they do come down with COVID-19. These are always a scam. No legitimate medical facility is going to do that.

And finally, offers to get you out of debt. Always deal with legitimate, long standing legal firms when you need to talk about dealing with debts. I know a lot of you may start having issues with debts. We’re here to answer your questions. So, contact us, we’d be happy to talk to you about this and things that are going to be happening due to the COVID-19 virus. Thank you.

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