Why Is My Bankruptcy Case Different From My Friends and Family Cases?

/Why Is My Bankruptcy Case Different From My Friends and Family Cases?
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Why Is My Bankruptcy Case Different From My Friends and Family Cases?2020-02-06T12:42:02-05:00

Video Transcript

A common question we get asked all the time is, “Why is my bankruptcy case different from my friends or families cases?” Well, the basic reason for that is, their facts are different. Often times people are trying to accomplish different goals in their bankruptcy. Everybody wants to get rid of their credit cards, medical bills, personal loans, that’s pretty standard. But the fact patterns for each case are very different. Some people are trying to save a house or a car, or protect assets that they wish to keep. Or some families have higher incomes, that are required to repay some of their debts because of their income level.

So each case, on its own, is fundamentally different and will cause a great variance in the way the case will proceed. So unless somebody’s case is exactly the same and you know all the details about their case, there is no way that any case is going to be exactly the same. To get real answers about how your case should proceed, you just need to talk to an experienced bankruptcy attorney, like our office, and we can walk you through the process and at least explain to you all of your options, so that at least you can understand fully as to how you should proceed and what case better suits your needs.

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